Let’s go by bus Recommended Osaka Tourism Courses

Let’s go by bus
Recommended OSAKA TOURISM Courses


There are many attractive spots in Osaka along the Osaka City Bus lines. They include the city’s classic tourist destinations and lesser-known places. Why don’t you watch the townscape from your bus window and stop over on your way?

*Please check the business hours of each venue in advance. (Updated in April 2024)

1Tennoji Zoo

Route 62: Get off at “Abeno-Bashi” stop. A 6-minute walk.

The zoo has a long history of more than 100 years. There are about 1,000 animals of about 180 species in the park, and you can meet various animals even if you are in the center of the city.

2Shitennoji Temple

Route 62: Get off at “Tennoji-Saimonmae” stop. A 4-minute walk.

In the precincts of 33,000 tsubo (approx. 110,000 m2), you will see beautiful and historic buildings. Note the fair on the 21st and 22nd days of every month, when stands are set up to sell antiques and food in the temple grounds.

3Osaka Castle Park

Route 62: Get off at “Osaka-Jyo Ohtemae” stop. Just a walk away.

Located in the center of Osaka Prefecture, the park has many fun places: Osaka Castle Tower with a panoramic view of Osaka, and spots to enjoy seasonal flowers such as plums, cherry blossoms and azaleas.

4The Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

Route 37: Get off at “Tenjin-Bashi 6-chome” stop. A 3-minute walk.

First in Japan, the museum focuses on the theme of “housing and living” in Osaka. Its streetscape in the late Edo period (1830s) is recreated in full scale. Stroll through the street. The kimono wearing experience is also popular

5Tenjin-Bashi Shopping Street

Route 37: Get off at “Tenjin-Bashi 6-chome” stop. A 3-minute walk.

The 2.6-kilometer shopping street, the longest in Japan, is lined with as many as about 600 smaller, traditional shops. You would feel like eating your walk along and shopping around there.

6Natural Spa Naniwa-no-Yu

Route 34: Get off at “Nagara-Nishi” stop. Right in front of you.

This hot spring is in the center of the city, 11 minutes from Osaka Station on Route 34. Why don’t you look up at the sky from the open-air bath on the 8th floor and soothe away your fatigue of the busy day?


Route 8: Get off at “Dotonbori-Bashi” stop. A 2-minute walk.

If you come to Osaka, you can’t miss the sightseeing spot “Dotonbori”. Not only can you enjoy Osaka’s iconic scenes and specialty dishes, but you may also have one-of-a-kind experiences such as Tombori River cruise and making food samples.

8Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Route 60/88: Get off at “Tempozan Harbor Village” stop. Just a walk away.

Kaiyukan is one of the world’s largest aquariums that breeds and exhibits 30,000 creatures of about 620 species. The highlight is the huge tank where whale sharks swim in a dignified and majestic way.

Let’s go by bus
Recommended Osaka Tourism Courses

Classic Osaka Fun Course

When you come to Osaka, take the No. 62 route from Osaka Station. This course takes you to must-see spots, from the historic Osaka Castle to other interesting sites such as Tsutenkaku Tower and the zoo, which gives you some day!

Hidden Osaka Fun Course

This course is packed with lesser-known spots in Osaka! Why don’t you eat your way along the Tenjin-Bashi Shopping Street, experience the history of Osaka at The Osaka Museum of Housing and Living, and finally soothe away your fatigue in a hot spring. Enjoy these spots to the fullest.


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