How to Ride the Bus

Bus Fares

Flat fare system for all destinations

  • Adult (12 years and up): 210 yen
  • Children (6-12 years): 110 yen
  • Infant (1-6 years): Free for up to 2 infants accompanied by an adult.
  • Baby (1 year & under): Free

You Can Get Tickets with Your Smartphone.

Currently, the Osaka City Bus One-Day Pass ticket is available for 500 yen for adults and 100 yen for child!
▼Simply visit the website to buy them!▼

Select “Use it right now” to start using your ticket.


Just show the ticket screen to the driver when you exit.

User registration or social login is required.

How to Ride the Bus

Wait at the bus stop.

※You can also track your bus in Google Maps.

This QR code is to check the bus approach information.

Check the line number and destination when the bus approaches.


Board the bus through the rear door.

※Pay your fare as you exit.
※No need to pick up any ticket nor tap the IC card reader when boarding.

※No need to pick up any ticket nor tap the IC card reader when boarding.


Push a stop request button when the bus approaches your desired stop.


Pay your fare.

※ Cash, prepaid IC and mobile IC cards are acceptable! (No credit cards). Take your change.


Get off the bus through the front door.

Have a safe trip!


Osaka Metro・City Bus Customer Support Center

Business hours

8:00~20:00(operated daily)

Supported languages

Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese