How to Ride Bus

How to Ride Bus

People who have never taken a bus before or still not got
used to taking a bus in Japan may wonder how to ride the bus.

Here are the tips for your boarding.


Check the destination when the bus arrives.

First of all, check the destination/via sign on the front and the side of the bus.


Please board the bus after checking the destination/via.

After the bus arrives at the bus station, please board from the back door(entrance).
Please pay the fare when you get off.

*You don’t need to take any numbered ticket nor to tap on IC card reader at the entrance of the bus.
*Please note that some buses have only one door. Please give way to passengers who are boarding off, before getting on the bus.


Please press the nearby alight button to get off.

Press the nearby alight button to notify the driver as the vehicle approaches your destination.
* The name of the next stop will appear on a screen at the front of the bus and will be announced over the speakers.


Pay the fare into the fare box.

Please note that different slots are for different payments.

Flat rate fare, 210 Yen for adults(110 Yen for children).

  • The fare box is of automatic change, so passengers don’t need to make change for coins in advance.
  • Please insert it into the card reader when paying with a magnetic card, and tap it on the IC card reader at the exit when paying with an IC card.
  • IC cards such as PiTaPa and ICOCA are compatible with each other in Japan nationwide.

Getting off the bus.

Please get off the vehicle from the front door.
Please watch your step and don’t forget your belongings.

Thank you very much. We look forward to serving you soon.